Bot Recommendations

We often get asked which bots we recommend in order to have the most success. There has been a recent influx in bots recently, so we decided to compile a list of some bots we see consistently do well, and consistently update when they are not doing well. 

AIO Bot - AIO bot has been around for a very long time, and is constantly being updated. While the UI may be outdated compared to the newer bots coming out, it is very easy to use. AIO Bot also has plenty of documentation explaining how to use their bot. Feel free to check their twitter or website to see the amount of success they have built up over the years. Click here to check it out.

TaskBot - TaskBot is the best bot for Mac. Unlike many other bots, it runs without the need of a virtual machine or complicated setup. It has had a lot of success recently, check it out here.

Dashe - Dashe is easily the most successful Shopify bot in the market. Check out their twitter for their amazing success. Click here to check the bot out here.

Sole Slayer - Sole Slayer is easily the best foot sites bot out there. While it did go through a dry period, Slayer always seems to make a comeback and do well on foot sites. Click here to check it out.

NikeBandit - If you are looking for an iOS bot that is easy to setup and use NikeBandit is the best choice. It supports many sites, and is always being updated. Click here to check it out.