Proxies FAQ

Please read the FAQ, if you still have questions please DM us on twitter. 

How does this work?

Upon purchasing our proxies you will receive a single proxy, you can use the proxy as many times as you want. The reason you are able to do this is because every request you make has a different IP. So you have unlimited proxies, and you can run as many tasks as you want.... however you are limited to the data package you buy. You can also generate sticky proxies through our user portal. The data packages we have available are 2GB, 5GB, 10GB, 15GB, 20GB, 25GB (for any other data packages please contact us on twitter @ProxyCartel. What do these data packages mean? These numbers are the amount of data that you are buying, so if you buy 2GB once you send 2GB worth of requests the proxies will no longer work. Still confused? Feel free to contact us on twitter: @ProxyCartel

How much data do i need?

It is hard to estimate how much data you will need. The amount of requests vary bot to bot, and each request uses a different amount of data. If you want us to recommend you a package, please contact us on twitter with a DM here: @ProxyCartel

Other Questions

When are proxies delivered?
We will try to deliver the proxies as soon as we can. Please wait at least 24 hours before DMing us. However, most of the time the proxies will be delivered the same day.
How long do the proxies last?
The proxies last 30 days or your data package, whichever comes first. 
How are the proxies authenticated?
Proxies are USER:PASS authenticated. 
Can I get proxies for my country?
Please  DM us on twitter the country you need! @ProxyCartel
Where can I check my data?
When you get your proxies delivered you will get access to the user portal, where you can check your data and generate as many sticky proxies as you need.